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We have 15 Years of experience cleaning houses in the entire state of Massachusetts. Cleaning is our passion, in fact, is truly what we do best. Everything else that we do we are average, but cleaning we are excellent.

In 15 years providing high quality cleaning services, we've accumulated solid references. Our references are our strong advertisement.

Ires (left) and Iraci (right)
RBCleaning Services owners


We take our cleaning business very seriously. We would not let our clients take any risk by not being Fully Insured. We are fully protected and all of our clients are also protected. It's total peace of mind for both of us.

Who are we as a company? Iraci (my sister) and I (Ires, a mother of 2) decided to start RB Cleaning Services after working part time for a cleaning company in the Boston Area. We believed we could provide cleaning services with higher quality and lower price. We mean lower prices.

We go beyond, we clean everything, top to bottom for a low quote. And we go the extra mile, we will change linens and much more for a low price. Invite for us for a free estimate and you will see that we beat any price that is given to you previously. We guarantee our work. It means, if you are not 100% satisfied, we go back to your place and clean it for free.





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"With great enthusiasm, I strongly recommend Ires and Iraci Batista for house cleaning services. They do a great job, are very efficient, and are always reliable."
Lexington, MA
March 18, 2006